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Data-As-A-Service (DAAS)

Global data-as-a-service platform between HR and payroll systems for a multinational payroll service provider


  • Clients provide payroll data in low volume in many formats globally, creating pressure on month end close and difficult challenge to transition to new service providers.
  • Slow onboarding of new clients and unpredictable costs.

Our Solution

  • A flexible mapping and translation layer that is certified to work with major HR systems as a add on maintained service.
  • Modularized approach to local formats and standards, with first client investment in a country followed by templated efficiency.

Final Result

  • Developed into a profit center product, with a pipeline of USD 15m+.
  • Service also underpinned larger further cross sales, with around 10-15 new multi-country deals related.
  • On average brought onboarding timescales down by over 60% and 3 day earlier monthly close for clients.