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Data Management

Single view of customer for Asian bank


  • Lack of Single View of Customers across 17 systems within Asia Pacific leading to inaccurate management (BI Reporting).
  • Low revenues from global clients.
  • Low cross-sell up-sell leverage.
  • High operational and IT costs.

Our Solution

  • Unified customer view across multiple countries enabling common digitized sales and on-boarding processes

Final Result

  • Single Customer View leading to accurate management (BI) reporting and Analytics.
  • Establishment of Specialized Products and Services to Global Clients opening vast opportunities in specialized product positioning to global clients.
  • Quicker access to customer banking needs across product segments and geographies poising higher cross-sell and up-sell potential with knowledge of delinquencies, defaults and risk exposure leading to enhanced weighted risk management.
  • Adoption of standard technology and digital process stacks leading to lesser product licensing, infrastructure and operational costs and productivity.
  • Establishment of common digitized on-boarding processes leading to better process efficiencies and higher customer satisfaction with additional common processes optimization achieved through digitization.