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Campaign Management

Campaign management solution for one of the largest telecom providers in India


    • Low revenues on value added services (VAS).
    • Campaigns not being targeted to specific segments due to lack of segmentation and profiling of subscribers.      
    • Low yield from x-sell and up-sell efforts which was mostly done using call centres.
    • Low customer campaigns attribution.
    • Lack of reliable measurement for campaign attribution.
    • Lack of mechanism for market basket analysis.

Our Solution

  • Analytics-based Campaign Management solution for micro-segmentation based targeted campaigns for subscriber base of over 140 million

Final Result

  • USD 100 Million increase in revenues through campaigns.
  • 25 million takes of the campaigns every month.
  • 60% Customer base coverage through campaigns.
  • Higher campaigns attribution.
  • Reliable mechanism to measure campaigns attribution.
  • Targeted campaigns to well-formed. customer segments through analytical classification.
  • Automated campaigns resulting in low operational cost.